TDAD (temporary disability academic displacement) is a credit recovery program. This program does not interact with other alternative learning programs.

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Welcoming and Secure Entry

Program needs to have a secured entry vestibule with a small reception area and administration desk at building entry. 

Image: Evie Garrett Dennis Campus

Learning Center

The main space for the program shall be  a central gathering and teacher desking area to accommodate 4 or more educators. A collaborative student study area is needed, with a few small tables for students to work independently or in a tutoring session with a teacher. There should also be a small soft seating or cafe seating area for casual meetings or independent reading. Support spaces include single user restrooms and small staff breakroom/wellness space. This can be shared with educators from other similar programs. Space should have access to natural daylighting and views to the outdoors.

Additional support spaces could include a tech lounge/gaming spaces for students and a quiet area with a genius bar (media center) for textbook and device checkout.

Image: Forest Lake MS

Conference Room

Encircling the collaboration area, a few rooms are needed to accommodate small group work, confidential meetings, one-on-one teacher/student interactions, and testing. These spaces should have acoustical privacy but high degree of supervision through glass doors and/or general sidelights.

Image: Scotsdale Library

Shared Fitness Area

If possible, a classroom sized space designated as a fitness area/multi-purpose would benefit the students in this program. 

Image: West Park HS