A TK-8 academy providing asynchronous/synchronous virtual learning experiences for students through 8th grade. Unique to the program is the in-person learning center where students have access to specialized learning classes for hands-on experiences. Also needed at the facility are offices for administrators and teachers, media center and outdoor area for gatherings and events.

For more information about the program, follow this link on the District website: https://www.tvusd.k12.ca.us/homeinstead

Learning Center

Multiple classrooms that accommodate instruction in some of the following subjects: science, art, music, and coding. Classrooms must be flexible to adapt to multiple activities.  They all need adaptive furniture that can easily and quickly be moved to reconfigure the classroom. All classrooms should have sinks, cleanable flooring, and storage rooms with shelving for supplies. The science classroom needs areas for both direct instruction and hands-on learning through experimentation. Moveable tables should have height adjustments to match perimeter casework. Music room should have sound absorption ceiling material and panels on the wall, carpeted flooring with a large open area for movement. A large storage room or area is needed for multiple types of instruments, possibly on movable racks. A hard-wired computer lab can accommodate coding classes, as well as digital arts instruction.

Image: Lincoln MS

Educator Offices

The office is a place for teachers to work and broadcast from. It should be a comfortable area to sit or stand, soundproofing to minimize noise from other areas, technology for a computer with a camera and two monitors (screens), materials storage and a small area for one-on-one support.  

Image: Liberty HS

Media Center

A place for displaying, curating, and reading print material, soft seating, furniture for independent study or collaboration, with an adjacent maker space for hands-on learning for exploratory and creative work. The maker space will need direct supervision and connection to the media center, open shelving for storage bins of materials, adjustable height tables for sitting or standing, and a sink with a small counter.  A career exploration space should be provided, as well as storage for devices and a curriculum/textbook repository. 

Image: PA Academy of the Fine Arts

Outdoor Area

Outdoor space is needed for physical education activities (such as basketball court, field, etc.), outdoor learning connected to science programs and other learning activities like gardening. (see also Outdoor Learning)  Connecting and building community within the program can be achieved through a variety of optional attendance programs. Space is needed to gather students and families for various events.

Image: Canyon View HS

Multi-Purpose Room

An indoor multi-purpose room for large gatherings, graduation/promotion ceremonies, choir performances and family engagement activities